Derek & Stiles - Two Queen Beds

Derek Hale is away on business when he meets Stiles, who is a student running away from college. He offers the young man a ride and then offers him two options when they get to the hotel: one queen bed or two.

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Derek & Stiles - Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Derek Hale comes to the same Starbucks every day to read. Stiles goes to the same Starbucks for the cappuccinos, but mostly Derek Hale.

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Derek, Stiles & Scott - Party Foul

Best friends Scott and Stiles hear about a party at the Hale House. Stiles has a giant crush on Derek Hale and ends up having sex with him. Scott is looking around the house to take Stiles home when he walks in on them sleeping—Stiles sound asleep on Derek’s chest. Scott has never told Stiles how much he truly cares about his best friend… how much he loves him. Scott doesn’t have the courage to tell Stiles how he feels so instead he settles for making sure Derek knows Stiles deserves much more than a one night stand.

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Scott & Isaac - Soldiers in a Different War

General Lahey has been shaken up ever since Private Scott McCall showed up. He took the newbie under his wing and found himself falling in love with the fellow solider. As time went on the two shared friendly flirtatious banter and it lead them to eventually give into their desires. Isaac knew falling for his Private was a bad idea, but he couldn’t help himself. As they entered combat, General Lahey was taken prisoner and all Scott could do was watch from behind the chain link fence as they tortured his general and lover. Things got complicated too fast— Scott wishes he had never caused Isaac so much trouble.

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Derek & Stiles - Drunken Confessions

Stiles and Derek end up drinking his dad’s last bottle of good red wine. Stiles mentions how he’s hidden the bottle from his dad to protect him from himself or something like that, but it all starts to blur together as he confesses his love for Derek. Derek is taken aback by the honest words but can’t find it in him to reciprocate them until he’s tucking a very drunk Stiles into bed. When the teen wakes in the morning, he’s not sure if the words he caught Derek saying before he fell asleep were real. Derek isn’t there and he tries to piece together their conversation.

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Teen Wolf AU: In which Stiles is a cocky fratboy and misunderstandings ensue. 

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Team Doberman

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Scott & Isaac - Nightmares

Ever since he defeated Stiles’ nogitsune, Scott has been having terrible nightmares. Naturally, Isaac comforts him during the night and often stays in Scott’s room watching him until morning. Scott doesn’t always remember screaming out in his sleep or crying, but Isaac does. He wishes more than anything he could crawl up onto the bed and hold Scott’s restless body with his own.

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Beacon Hills P.D. & Criminals

Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, and Peter Hale are all detectives in Beacon Hills P.D. and they work hard to keep the small town running smoothly. The three largest criminals currently in the area are Scott McCall, Derek Hale, and Jackson Whittemore. The three have plotted to take down the police force with Derek leading the trio against his uncle.

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Scott & Isaac - Next To Me

When the skies are grey and all the doors are closing
And the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe
When all I need’s a hand to stop the tears from falling
I will find him, I’ll find him next to me

Whenever Scott is lost he knows Isaac is always right beside him.
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Scott & Isaac - Dreaming About You

Even though Scott and Isaac have only met once, they each keep having dreams involving the other. The dreams are steamy and torture the teens until they find out they both made first line lacrosse. What will they both do with these dreams and new-found lust for each other?

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Peter & Chris - Sad, Beautiful, Tragic

Long before Chris was married, Peter and Chris were lovers. They hid their affair from their families and frequently snuck away to see each other. After the fire, however, Chris became more devoted than ever to his wife and baby daughter. Peter was left out in the cold. Shortly before Chris looses Victoria, Peter confronts Chris about his feelings, but things don’t end well. Her death only separates them further. Finally, Chris finds out Peter has been causing more deaths in Beacon Hills and he is forced to execute him by the Argent Code… but he can’t bring himself to do it.

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Derek & Stiles - The Bully

Stiles and Derek are just beginning to figure out what type or relationship they have, when Stiles brings up high school. He teasingly calls Derek out on what a jerk he was in high school, but Derek shoots back he doesn’t remember. Stiles feels a jab to his heart because he still remembers those first meetings between them. Derek was the popular bully, and Stiles was the nerd with his head in the books.

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and I don't want to be with the bad guys.

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